DIY Towel Rack with Joanna Gaines Hooks

When it comes to the accessories in our bathrooms, most of us are guilty of going too understated. Who cares what my towel rack looks like? I do! Very few people may see my towel rack, but that doesn’t mean I can’t treat myself to having something that matches my style!

Target recently set up a section in the majority of their stores curated by none other than Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. The collection is called Hearth and Hand and it’s everything iv’e ever wanted for my home! Like most of you I’m sure, I have a strong Joanna Gaines obsession. She gets me! I put shiplap up on one of my walls, Iv’e entertained the idea of doing a German Schmear on my brick outside, and my dream vacation is to Waco, Texas so I can visit the silos.

DIY Towel Rack with Joanna Gaines Hooks

Recently, while browsing the Hearth and Hand section of my local Target, I stumbled upon these hooks.

The hooks! 

I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them! We haven’t done much to update our bathroom since moving in in 2015. The room didn’t come with any hardware like toilet paper hooks or towel racks so we went to Lowe’s and bought the first set we saw. They didn’t really match our style, but at the time that didn’t matter. We just needed somewhere to hang our towels! So when I saw these hooks, I knew I wanted to turn them into a Joanna Gaines inspired towel rack.

The old towel rod

I purchased 3 hooks. At $5.99 a piece, it was already more than I wanted to spend on the project, but they were just so cute! Let’s be honest here, none of us are made of money so any penny pinching I can do – I do! So when it came to mounting the hooks, I had a few options. Either I could just screw the hooks into the wall (too easy, and not the look I wanted), I could buy something to mount them onto (I had already spent $18 on this though!), or I could re-purpose something I already owned (bingo!). Of course, I chose the latter option, so I scoured my home and back yard looking for something I could mount my new hooks onto.

When we bought the house, it came with a shed in the back yard that had a lot of old frames and scrap wood in it. My first thought was to use this piece of an old frame I found in there.

I loved the old wood look, but it was too small and brittle to hold the hooks.

My next thought was to use a piece of wood I had from one of my previous projects.

But it wasn’t quite the look I was going for and I wasn’t feeling inspire by it. So I went inside. I have a habit of collecting things to hang on my walls even though I don’t have any more space, so I have a pile of artwork and pieces I can’t hang in my guest bedroom. One of those pieces was this sign we used at our wedding to display the hashtag we used on instagram.

It was perfect! Now, before I get any flack for using this sentimental piece of our wedding, we have SO MUCH stuff from our wedding still that I am drowning in it. I loved my wedding, and I love still having pieces from it, but there’s only so much stuff I can have around the house before it starts to  look like a shrine to October 10, 2015. So I used it, dang it!

After taking the chalkboard and hashtag sign off, there was a lot of residual cardboard left because the glue was just that strong, so I sanded it down the best I could and painted it a nice grey/brown color. To be honest, I kind of just threw paint at it and wiped it on with a paper towel to try to get a more rustic and haphazard look. I love it!

The last step was to paint the top of the screws I was using to attach the hooks to the board. The hooks are a very subdued bronze/brown color and the silver of the screws was standing out. So I screwed them into a board and painted the tops black.

After the screws dried, I attached the hooks and hung it up in my bathroom!

I highly recommend these hooks! I love LOVE LOVE the masculine look this towel rack gives to my powder blue bathroom! Plus, there’s room for more towels now (not that I have the need for more than two, but having the options is nice!). Happy DIYing!

– Jonathan


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